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Kaushalya & Dion's Wedding under the big top

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Weddings are a marriage of a couple as well as families and sometimes cultures.

When you've had an extra two years to plan your wedding, I guess you can fine tune details and make it extra special! Kaushalya and Dion's epic wedding day began at their family homes surround by family & friends who all helped to make their day so much more amazing. We started with a Greek church wedding service surrounded by rich icons and traditions followed by a 'Poruwa' at the family property. Friends and families gathered to witness a beautiful ceremony overflowing with flowers and Sri Lankan wedding traditions. Betel leaves, tying fingers and rice sharing as well as gifts.

The highlight of the day was the wedding reception, held under the magnificent white marquee.

They laughed and danced the night away under the a million stars!

And can I just say, the abundance of beautiful blooms everywhere, just topped off all the beauty of the day.