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Vanessa & Dean at Observatory Hill

All nerves and stress melt away when you see the one you love.

Both Vanessa & Dean had butterflies in their stomachs pre-ceremony but you can see all that was just the excitement leading up to the moment when they finally said 'I do'. After that, the champers flowed and they just danced and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

In good humour, they wanted to have a few shots of the 'asbestos warning' which added lovely orange and yellow background details to their wedding! Despite that, I still had to shoo away all the tourists at Observatory Hill for some photos, which is always fun!

Feasted at Otto's, Woolloomooloo, which is one of their favourite places for magnificent Italian. Yellow themed continued which is nice for the visuals.

And a moment of appreciation for Vanessa's bling - designed by Dean himself. 💍❤️

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