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In Good Times and Bad

Dust off your Wedding Planning Diary!

Planning your wedding might seem like an unlikely thing to do right now, but really, it’s the best time to start or to pick up where you left off. A wedding is made up of hundreds of elements. Like putting together that 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, you start with the major pieces and the rest fit in. I know it’s impossible to predict when the COVID-19 restrictions will end, but the DATE is not entirely necessary to START to plan. Now is the time for CLARITY. This forced isolation will give us a clearer vision unclouded by day-to-day distraction.

There are big things you can start to research, but there are also many little things that you can take care of now. When restrictions have lifted, have a list of researched vendors to visit and meet up in person with. Research online, social media, wedding blogs and by talking with friends and family.

Planning a wedding, big or small, summer or winter, traditional or alternative all have common things. Let's start at the beginning.


This might have changed in light of your financial situation, so be logical because going into a big debt is no way to start your lives together. Start with the big items like venue, catering, wedding rings, photography & videography and honeymoon. It all adds up, so estimate 10% extra for unforeseen items/services.


Have a list of places you two love. Now is a great time to talk to the venue’s event coordinator, to get a feel for price and more importantly service. If they sound great and the venue looks great, keep them on the short list to visit later. People who care about people are the people you want to work. One of the biggest decisions the venue, so having plenty of time to research works in your favour right now.


Now is the perfect time to reflect on who you would love to be there to celebrate your marriage. If you haven’t spoken to

them, they haven't reached out to you in some way or you haven't even thought about them in these coming months, then you may consider crossing them off your list. It may seem harsh, but really, does it matter if they are there in good times when they haven’t been there for you in tough times?


These are the people who have supported you in these times, people who you care deeply about and that you cannot wait to hug the crap out of when ISO is over. Because these are the people whom you share the entire day with, right by your side from the planning to the very last dance on the DF.


It is as good a time as any to start these. When it comes to the planning and rushing around, sometimes we miss the most important (and meaningful) parts of the day. Guests love to hear your special words for each other and it adds such a uniqueness to your ceremony.


Ask your guests for a favourite song to add to the playlist or look at a live band this creates such a great vibe at weddings, and the DF is always packed. 

You don’t need to necessarily book them now, but follow their social pages and find out prices and what kind of service they offer.


So you may have decided to set a date and make 2021 your year!

When you send out your Save the Dates, why not make that it's own celebration?

Everyone loves some good news, especially now!


To be your photographer is more than just showing up with a camera, it’s about being a small part of your lives and finding out what is important and special to you two...You can find out whether my photography style suits your vision. Have a chat to me and I can help you with so much more too!

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Getting started with some of these things can go a long way to helping you tick off lots of things right now, so you can focus on the little details without any pressure later on.

Camera Shy?... Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to look amazing in your wedding photos.

We will comeback from this and people will want to celebrate more than ever.

People will come together again, we will dance, we will share in life's biggest moments and they will have more meaning than ever.

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