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Rebecca & Ed | Balmain Wedding

Updated: May 4, 2021

Because 2020 wasn't crazy enough, it decided to be 48 deg on Bec & Ed's wedding day!

Bec looked gorgeous in her lace wedding gown with pops of floral colour and bridesmaids in deep red gowns.

They were wed with the backdrop of Sydney Harbour at Ballast Point, Balmain, under a sea of white umbrellas. I remember it in a haze because both me and the bride nearly collapsed from heat exhaustion! So after a very short location shoot at Ballast Point, we retreated back to their lovely air-conditioned pad. Luckily the views were even more breathtaking from the balcony and after a mini-dance party (partly brought on by the champers and partly by the joy of being cool!) they kicked on at a local restaurant for their reception.

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