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WEDDING INFO're getting married...and you're dizzy with all the decisions you need to make and all the planning can seem bit overwhelming. Well, I am here for you!  The info on this page will hopefully get you started on ticking wedding photography

off the list. Things like: PRICES, TIPS & TRICKS and FAQ's.




I'm at a wedding almost every weekend, so I've accumulated much knowledge regarding much so that I'd love to impart some words of wisdom to help you make yours the best day ever.



It might sound a tad obvious, but the best thing to remember all day long is to have fun.  It's be the best way to create natural and genuine images.  Just relax and enjoy the sheer brilliance of your day and have fun with your fave people.

Also relish in the deliciousness of being just married.  Time flies by so quickly, and the photo shoot is often the only time you have alone together.  Take a moment to reflect on the years in your lives that has culminated in this moment.



Your wedding will probably be the biggest event you’ll ever plan. And whilst most couples aren’t event planners, such a complex logistical affair still ends up in their hands.

Help is at hand!  We'll work with you to coordinate your day and offer guidance to ensure you're not rushing around like a headless chook.  A Run Sheet is created in unison with our couples so we can be there to capture it all while you kick back and immerse yourselves in your wedding day.

The good news it’s not that hard when you get a few pointers, so here are some tips for the most common dilemmas experienced by our couples.



Usually 2-3 weeks before the wedding, we always communicate with our couples to create the final Run Sheet.

For example, we’ll talk about when hair & makeup needs to be finished and when your dress should be on and ready for photos. When flowers and buttonholes should arrive, when the boys need to be ready, and when the cars need to arrive / pickup at each location throughout the day.

  • Allow more time for the simple things. Moving around in your wedding gown is no ordinary affair – it’s long and delicate, your hands are busy holding a bouquet. Regular tasks like getting into a car and taking the stairs can suddenly become multi-person logistical events.

  • Getting from A to B. Build in an extra 15 mins for unexpected traffic delays, this will ensure you're not stressed out when you arrive.  Sydney traffic on the weekends can be unkind.

  • Remember the little things. Task your reliable besties to be in charge of carrying any extra bags and dealing with your house/hotel keys.


This is the moment that sets the mood for your day.  Create a calm and light-hearted atmosphere with your besties there to share in the excitement & giddiness of what is about to unfold. Ideally I spend half an hour with the groom and one to one-and-a-half hours with the bride before the ceremony.


After your ceremony allow about 15 minutes for congratulatory hug and kisses from your nearest and dearest.  Everyone is overjoyed with this momentous occasion and we understand it's a big deal.

After the hug-fest we'll arrange for group and family photos.  Allow 15-30 minutes depending on how extended your family is and search for missing-in-action relatives.  It's a good idea to nominate a responsible person on each side of the family to round up rouge family members.


  • Build in time for walking to and from the cars and when moving between locations. With a wedding dress, an excited bridal party and the wedding-day high you’ll be on everything takes longer and time flies disappear before you know it.

  • If it's good luck!   In the weeks and days leading up to your wedding, we will have an idea as to whether we need to have an alternate location in mind if it's bucketing down.  If it's light drizzle, we can definitely go and shoot outside with umbrellas.

  • Allow at least one hour of shooting time (after your arrival at a location). More time means more photos and more fun.

  • Choose ‘photo rich’ locations to ensure a good variety of images. We can help with suggestions, so just let me know what you love and we can make recommendations.


A good rule of thumb is to keep the photographer there for about one hour after the formalities finish.  An hour of dancing and a sneaky last evening photo with the couple is plenty.  If you plan on a formal exit with a farewell arch or sparklers, we can definitely stay till the end so we don't miss that!

Good luck with your planning and remember that the preparations you put in before your wedding will pay off on the Big Day!

We look forward to joining you on your journey and being a part of the planning.



You will have a hundred questions to ask about photography with every photographer, so here are a few of our frequently asked questions and answers to help get you started.

Q: How many images do I receive?

A. Weddings are a varied event and it will depend on what you have planned. If you have decorated your day to the hilt and have a huge bridal party and family, then we will likely have more than a smaller, simpler affair. As a guide, 8 hours will yield approximately 500 photographs, 12 hours will yield approximately 800 photographs.

Q. Do you edit every photograph?

A. Yes, every photograph has some level of editing. My editing style is very natural and keeping with capturing who you are, but enhanced to highlight your best features. Have a look at my style, if you like it, then we will work well together!


Q Do I receive digital copies?

A. Yes, you receive all digitals as shot on a USB and they have light enhancement to make them more beautiful. 

Q: Do you have a 2nd shooter?

A. Yes, of course! The benefit is the extra angles they can capture of your wedding, giving you more photographs! They can be booked for the whole day or part of the day.

Q: Our wedding is not in Sydney, so do you travel?

A. I can travel up to 50km from Sydney without incurring additional travel expenses. 

If you have a destination wedding in mind, yes, I love to travel. We can talk about what needs to be covered and I will try to come up with the most effective way to do it.

Q: How long do you take to deliver the photos?

A. On average I take 4 to 6 weeks  from the wedding day to deliver. If you need a preview or some specific images sooner than this turn around, I am more than happy to accommodate these requests, please reach out to me.

Q: Can I book an Engagement session with you?

A. Yes, they are my absolute favourite sessions! They are the perfect way to warm up for your wedding day and the bonus is that you receive beautiful photographs of you two all loved up in your perfect location.

Q: What other expenses do I need to pay for?

A. Not much really, we just ask you to make arrangements for our parking at the ceremony and reception (if required) and to provide one meal for us during dinner. Other than that, your love and smiles is all we ask for.

Q: How do I save the date?

A. Booking deposit of 50% and a signed Wedding Photography Agreement will save your wedding date to our calendar. The remaining balance is due one week prior to your wedding day.

Q: Can we meet up?

A. Yes, I’d be thrilled! I love to meet new couples and hear about their love story and their plans for their big day. I have a home-studio in Sydney where you can view albums and prints to see what you will receive, too.

Skype is available for those that live a bit further away.

If I can help you with anything else, please let me know.

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