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Connie & Dimitri's Wedding at The Grounds of Alexandria

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

When you wish upon a star

Friends and family from near and far

Gather to celebrate our love

With all the blessings from above

A special yellow bouquet to last an era

From my family home on the isle of Kythira

I gave to you when you came to me

And your beauty was all to see.

In The Grounds, green and lush

Magic sparkled very much

We dined and danced under stars

And laughed and sang to guitars.

Then I played a special tune for you

On my violin under lights of blue

You danced like an angel in white

Floating on air, the love of my life.

A painting to capture the moment

Well wishes from loved ones were spoken

As we begin our lives together

On a memorable day we'll remember forever.

By Wendy 💛

Venue: The Grounds of Alexandria

Hairstylist & Make Up Artist: Lauren Sina

Flowers: Floraison

Wedding Dress: Legacy Brides

Band: Iho Nyx

Wedding Painter: Live Wedding Painting

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