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Alex & Andy's Wedding at Ovolo Woolloomooloo

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Creating a unique celebration that represented everything they are and including everything they wanted is always a good plan for a wedding.

So fresh off the blocks in 2022 was Alex & Andy's amazing wedding at Ovolo Woolloomooloo. The boys knew how to put on a party and this celebration was one of the best! The venue was nothing short of incredible to capture the most amazing photos and it was eye-candy every which way I turned! If only we could do a 6 hour photo shoot! Can't complain, I was so spoilt! (I was a little bit in love with the space here.) And do I need to mention that chandelier?

The super talented bunch over at Upside Down Events decked out the rooms in blues, white and gold and supplied the gorgeous florals.

It was uber-stylish affair but definitely not stuffy. So much fun and silliness along the way from a little pre-wedding groomsmen photoshoot with designer shorts to funny wedding contracts, a magician, community artwork Guest-Canvas, CO2 blaster guns, Oprah-style lucky envelopes, astrological themed wedding cake and a boy-band dance.

This event should have been ticketed it was so amazing!

This day was so uniquely theirs and such a blast to capture.

Congratulations Alex & Andy - wishing you a long and happy marriage 💫❤️