• Wendy Chung

Jonathan & Kayleigh's Royal National Park Wedding

Under the heavy haze of bushfire smoke, Jonathan & Kayleigh were married in the spectacular Royal National Park. Luckily we weren't affected except for a little haze and smoke in the air. Looking back at the weddings in November/December 2019, there will a faint orange haze about them.

From the bush we headed to the beach - Stanwell Park Beach. It was literally a breath of fresh air by the ocean. After some bridal party photos , we had extended family photos on the beach and it was a chilled time for everyone to enjoy the location and hang out with the happy couple.

Grazing table buffet put on at the Helensburgh-Stanwell Park Surf Club did not disappoint. And everybody did dance...

Young love on their way to a lifetime of happiness.

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