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Misty Blue Mountains Wedding

Updated: May 4, 2021

When Alli & Jake planned their wedding, they could never have anticipated what happened in 2020. But with the bad, there is always good. They're expecting their first child in November and their good news was received with "Congratulations! So when are you getting married?!" Alli's family are all in the US, so having them in Sydney was impossible in the near future. So with all couples at the moment, they made the most of their day by having their wedding at a beautiful location, sharing deeply meaningful vows and streaming their wedding live.

Their little cottage where they got ready and held the ceremony was perfect on a cold and rainy winter's day in the Blue Mountains.

Beautiful mementos delivered from Texas USA from the bride's family brought a tear to our eyes.

We braved the cold and headed out to Lincolns Lookout. The scenery was spectacular in the misty rain and the puddles were perfect for testing out Alli's gumboots (which was the correct choice of footwear).

Such troopers- we danced, we kissed, we hugged it out on the mountain top.

Blooms- Fine Flowers

Shoes - Midas

Celebrant - Evelyn Calauman Blue Mountains Celebrant

Bride's dress maid by the bridesmaid, Katie

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