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Here are hot 9 tips to pose like a pro on your wedding day.

There’s no need to worry about how you are going to look in your photos if you can remember to follow a few tips here. We aren’t going to make you awkwardly stand on a rock for 20 minutes with a four light set up and a wind machine! But we will guide you two into natural positions and your wedding photography will become relaxed, fun and enjoyable.

1. Slow Down & Breathe

Most important. Three deep, slow breaths will relax your body, soften your face and calm your nerves. Think: soft hands, slow movements and melt into each other’s body.

2. Trust Me To guide you and create natural scenarios where you forget all about this posing business. The best poses are not measured out, they are felt.

3. Then Forget about Me You will feel aware for a few moments, but then it’ll feel like just you two and I’ll blend into your space. I’ll feel like a friend you’re hanging out with.

4. Shoulders & Posture These will be only two things that I will remind you about. So relax your shoulders and your neck elongates, hold in your core and everything pulls in and up.

5. Practice And I don’t mean selfie-face or blue-steel! Check out your moves in the mirror, with each other.

6. The Kiss Can make or break a photo. Just a light touch of your lips, also remember their cheek, temple or shoulder. Keep it slow and enjoy it. With your eyes closed, listen to their breathing and smell their scent.

7. I See You Look at each other and really see the one you love. They are there for you, today and from this day on. Let those good vibes envelop you.

8. Child’s Play Loosen up your body like you’re dancing and free your mind like a child playing. There will be plenty of hilarious & funny moments throughout your day, so going with the flow will be half the fun of it.

9. Beloved Session If you really want to nail the posing, experience a Beloved Session and you’ll feel like pro’s on your wedding day!

More than an engagement session, Beloved sessions are a great excuse to put aside the stressful parts of planning a wedding and just be yourselves, play, laugh, share and embrace the one you love.

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