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Southern Highland Olive Grove Engagement

Ashlee & James Beloved engagement session was a magical day...

When James mentioned his uncle owned an olive grove just outside of Sydney and they wanted to do their Beloved session out there, I was a little more than excited!

Farms hold a special place in my heart, having grown up on one. All the adventures you can get up to wandering around in your own special world. From sunrise to sunset you can play with your siblings making up games, crusades & just getting up to general mischief.

James, his bro & cousins spent their holidays on this farm, so it has a very strong connection with him. The estate is named after their grandfather who came from Greece and established his own small white chapel, White Chapel Grove. It was magical, with rows and rows of olive trees set in a valley surrounded by gorgeous bushland.

We wandered around the olive groves and when the sunset we headed up the hill to watch the sunset over the valley.

There were a couple of sheep and an adorable pair of donkeys to keep us company too!


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